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KAREME PT03 children watch
KAREME PT03 children watch

KAREME PT03 children watch will be an extremely suitable choice for children from primary school up with diverse features, smart design with extremely lovely, funny, vivid colors, Stunning.

Smart watches, especially cheap smart watches, are increasingly receiving the attention and choice of many customers, especially parents with young children. Because these watches are both suitable for children's tastes and tastes, they are integrated with many smart and convenient features, similar to smart phones and tablets today. . One of the watches that many customers trust and the current choice is the children watch KAREME PT03.

General introduction about Children Watch KAREME PT03

- This product is also known by other names as high-end phone watches. This cheap locator model fully integrates smart, diverse features of smartphones, becoming the top choice of many customers.

- This is a product of OEM brand, belonging to Kareme PT03 series. The watch is equipped with many smart features, the most prominent of which is the GPS navigation feature similar to smart phone and tablet devices. In addition, the design of the product is extremely beautiful and impressive.

- The watch surface is made of aluminum alloy material



- Material

It uses high-grade ABS, silicon and high-grade aluminum alloy, and is equipped with the latest Nano coating technology that is resistant to dirt and water with IP65 standards.

- Design style

The watch is beautifully designed with a frame surrounded by solid aluminum alloy, which increases the durability and aesthetics of the product. In addition, the ergonomic design and small size of the watch also provide convenience, comfort for wearers and does not cause bulky.

The design of the watch is sophisticated and luxurious, suitable for both boys, girls or the elderly with poor memory.

Application and advantages

The watch works well and is stable with SIM Nano format, SIM support of most carriers today. This means that, with this line of watches, we can enable 2-way calling and open GPRS in the same way as for mobile devices.

The latest ULBOX global positioning chip clock, so it has the ability to accurately locate GPS and connect to phone equipment for parents to monitor.

In addition, the clock also integrates the SOS emergency call function so that the baby can make emergency calls in dangerous situations.

Children watches KAREME PT03 is considered as one of the great choices for customers who want to search and order quality, durable and beautiful children's positioning watches.

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