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D-Link - Mifi - 4G Mobile Wifi Broadband (DWR-932C/E1)
D-Link - Mifi - 4G Mobile Wifi Broadband (DWR-932C/E1) D-Link - Mifi - 4G Mobile Wifi Broadband (DWR-932C/E1) D-Link - Mifi - 4G Mobile Wifi Broadband (DWR-932C/E1) D-Link - Mifi - 4G Mobile Wifi Broadband (DWR-932C/E1) D-Link - Mifi - 4G Mobile Wifi Broadband (DWR-932C/E1) D-Link - Mifi - 4G Mobile Wifi Broadband (DWR-932C/E1)

Perhaps, the two most impressive things for Test Lab after a few days of using this 4G mobile transmitter are the ease of configuration via a mobile application called EZFi and the stability of the transmitter's intensity. device.

As the twin brother with the DWR-932C, which was introduced by the Test Lab a little while ago, the DWR-932C E1 is extremely compact (97x60x16 mm) and lightweight (95 grams), and produces double a bit different by wearing a black plastic body, instead of black and extremely glossy like DWR-932C.

On the façade, the D-Link DWR-932C E1 is equipped with a LED array that reports the mobile data network power level (4 levels), the corresponding connection type of the network operator, Wi-Fi status, private SMS and battery power status on a glossy black contour.

The D-Link DWR-932C-E1 4G mobile is compact and elegant.

Basically, the D-Link DWR-932C E1 is fully compatible with the 3G / 4G network services provided by Viettel, MobiFone and VinaPhone networks, supporting download speeds and theoretical rates of 150 MBps. and 50MBps.

For the devices connected to it, the DWR-932C E1 supports the N-series, and it can share 3G / 4G connectivity for up to 10 devices, from smartphones, tablets to laptops.

By default, D-Link offers a micro USB slot on the DWR-932C to fit the charging port of the integrated 2,000mAh battery, as well as the solution to turn it into a mobile modem when used in combination. with a laptop or when you need to access the microSD card included with the DWR-932C E1.

A spokesman for the company said the battery on the DWR-932C E1 supports up to 10 hours of "broadcast time", perfect for people who work on the go, at a coffee shop or on the go. constantly moving in cars, coaches on every occasion.

The test at the Test Lab also shows that the included USB cable in the DWR-932C E1 accessory kit, when used in conjunction with the car's integrated USB port, can fully charge the device.


The D-Link DWR-932C E1 is equipped with a SIM card slot and a microSD card slot along the bottom of the device. hot fix (hotswap).

Configure in minutes

As mentioned earlier in this review, the configuration of the D-Link DWR-932C E1 at the first use should be called "easy to eat" because all that the user needs to do is open the back, Insert the SIM card, record the SSID and the default configuration printed in the parameter tag.

Next, from a smartphone or tablet, log in to the Wi-Fi network (usually dlink_DWR-932C_xxxx) with the default password, then launch the EFZi application (downloaded first from Google Play or App Store).

After automatically identifying the device, EFZi will force the user to perform a DWR-932C E1 logon to the account at the admin level (for the device), and immediately the console , the main configuration will appear. Typically, the device login name is admin, and the password is null (ie no).

EZFi application login interface. Prior to that, users need to log in to the Wi-Fi network that the DWR-932C-E1 broadcasts, and the application will automatically detect the connection to the device immediately.

Overall, with the EFZi, it takes about 5 minutes to complete your 4G cellular device configuration so it's ready to explore the Internet anytime, anywhere.

Test Lab is actually a "belly" with the secure WPS connection mode that the D-Link DWR-932C E1 supports, thereby simplifying the authentication process between devices that need to be connected. each other over Wi-Fi, especially when users do not have much knowledge of the network.


On the quality of connection, testing for many days with 4G Viettel network, Test Lab found the D-Link DWR-932C E1 high stability, strong wave.

Speed test 4G network of Viettel in the central area of District 1, Ho Chi Minh City.


In general, if you need a 4G mobile transmitter for more convenience, the D-Link DWR-932C E1 is the right choice.

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