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A-Derma Exomega Emollient Cleansing Oil
A-Derma Exomega Emollient Cleansing Oil

1. Uses:
- Instantly soothe, relieve itching, reduce redness, and provide deep moisture and lipids to the skin. Provides moisture to the skin to help the skin smooth and smooth, gradually recovering, feeling comfortable to recover for a long time.
- Oil also helps antibacterial skin, reduce swelling and reduce inflammation effectively.
- Re-establish and stabilize the balance of the Microbiome halo.
- Restore and maintain skin protection barrier.
- Structure of fast penetrating products suitable for daily use.
- No flavoring, no paraben without allergy, safe for users.
- Not sticky, not greasy.

2. Composition:
- Rhealba whole oat extract and essential fatty acid Omega 6 3.25%
- Glycerin 5%.

3. Instructions for use:
- While taking a shower, apply Cleansing Oil to Acute Inflammatory Skin To Very Dry Skin A-Derma Exomega Emollient Cleansing Oil and gently massage on wet skin.
- A Cleansing Oil can also be used when bathing by adding a small amount to the bath water. A-Derma Exomega Emollient Cleansing Oil can also be used when bathing.
- After bathing, gently wash and dry the skin by using a absorbent towel slowly, do not rub hard.
- You can apply an emollient compound to your skin to improve your skin.

4. Users:
- Allergic skin is prone to dryness and irritated skin (itching, redness, inflammation, ...).
- Coating products suitable for adults, children and babies.

Preserved in dry, cool place.

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