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Budle’Budle Clean Deodorant 550ml / Baby Powder
Budle’Budle Clean Deodorant 550ml / Baby Powder


Budle'Budle Clean Deodorant Baby Powder Fragrance is perfected by a unique formula with natural organic ingredients and well-studied ingredients from Oriental traditional medicine and has been certified received by the French organization Ecocert.


Highlights :
Deodorizing with absorbing penetration method, helps eliminate odors and bacteria in the air effectively
Can spray everywhere, safe on the whole pet body
Does not contain chemical components such as preservatives, chemical dyes, sulfate ...
Excellent bactericidal effect: E.coli, Salmonella, fungus, virus (swine flu, SAS ...) ....
Flavor baby chalk comfortable, comfortable feeling light.


User manual :
Spray directly on the pet's body and the surrounding environment where pets stay to kill bacteria and odors

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