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BOSCH - Dedicated drill - (GBH 2 -24DFR)
BOSCH - Dedicated drill - (GBH 2 -24DFR)

GBH 2-24 DFR Hammers - powerful and versatile

- GBH 2-24 DFR Handheld Drillers are equipped with powerful 790W motors, which work effectively on a variety of materials: wood, iron, steel, and walls.
- GBH 2-24 DFR is a 3-function drilling machine. The machine is designed to drill hammer into concrete, brick, stone, and can be used to chisel in light work. In addition, the machine is suitable for drilling wood, metal, ceramic and latex without damping. In addition, the machine has electronic control and rotary right / left direction is also suitable for screwing.


GBH 2-24 DFR

In particular, the GBH 2-24 DFR has an easy-to-displace switch, from the hammer drill mode, you can completely change the iron drill mode by replacing the drill head. different drill bits. You can easily and effortlessly replace the drill head without the help of the dismantling tool, to suit every job.
- GBH 2-24 DFR is equipped with a secondary handle to help you accurately drill and fix the machine.
- The machine is made of high quality material, insulated, insulated to provide absolute safety for users during the operation of the machine.


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Manufacturer information

The Bosch Group has been present in Vietnam since 1994 with the mission of supplying Bosch angle grinders and 18mm Bosch GBH 2-18RE drilling machines to the market. In April 2008, the group established Robert Bosch Vietnam Ltd. in Ho Chi Minh City. In July 2014, all business units were merged into Bosch Vietnam Co., Ltd., headquartered in accordance with business license in Dong Nai province. In addition, Bosch also has its head office in Ho Chi Minh City, Hanoi office and showroom in Da Nang city. In Dong Nai, the company has a CVT production plant for automobiles. Currently, Bosch is involved in seven areas: Automotive Parts and Equipment, Motion & Control Engineering, Packaging Technology, Hand Tools (including 18mm Bosch GBH 550W Drill) 2-18RE), Security Systems, Thermal Technology and Gasoline Systems. The company also has a software research and development center in Ho Chi Minh City with more than 700 engineers. In addition, Bosch has established a automotive research and development center in Ho Chi Minh City in July 2014.

Today, Bosch is one of the largest industrial conglomerates in Germany. The group has a number of subsidiaries and joint ventures in 50 countries, with more than 193 manufacturing plants to produce 18mm Bosch GBH 2-18RE drill machines, 37 global business cooperation projects and more than 232,000 Employees around the world.

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