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Glass Set Of Square-Round Plates/Bowl  Diva Ivory I.B 12 items (La Opala)
Glass Set Of Square-Round Plates/Bowl  Diva Ivory I.B 12 items (La Opala)

Product Information

The glass bowl is items fairly familiar with modern kitchens, however glass cups usually throughout But with the glass cup Diva La Opala was produced in India are whitecombined pure soothing textures, luxurious. Made of heat-resistant glass material higher level help you decorate the dinner table with soothing and elegant style.

Characteristics of the glass cup Diva Ivory

With the glass cup housewife sister-this can be used as decoration items, presentation of food, boiled dishes on the dinner table or fruit packaging. The dishes are also extremely suitable to make gifts to family, friends, colleagues, ... birthday, occasions, holidays, ...

Bộ chén đĩa thủy tinh vuông tròn Diva Ivory I.B 12 món (La Opala)

The dining table in the elegant with the Ministry should glass cup Diva Ivory i. B

With a simple design circles combine the exquisite pattern style, diversity brings richness to the user:
* Autumn Shadow: Cool feeling of autumn with yellow-green leaf branch motifs in the ball feels lively 3D, bring purity, lightness for the meal.
* Ivory Blush: Chic, modern designs with motifs of the wing white lilies pure ivory, suitable for the critical party
* Royal Arch: The arc-shaped motifs of Indian Royal Family combines gentle green hue of the sky created the sophistication and relaxation for guests.
* Yellow Grace: Duodao district branch point texture orchids with flexible dancer featured gold, colors symbolize the playful, warm, rich, affluent and prosperous.


Can score through as:

  • Advanced opal glass material, heat to improve functionality and enhance endurance, bring the heat resistant and high impact resistant 3 times conventional glass products. Resistant to thermal shock up to 135° C, should be able to use the safe for microwave, dishwasher. Besides that, other than the conventional ceramic products, glass, brilliant light opal will create shimmering beauty and sophistication.
  • Products made in India, the standard of food safety and hygiene by FOOD HYGIENE Institute-Ministry of health, health safety for users.
  • Diverse designs, design patterns appropriate to the luxury of every party.
  • Built according to the special technology that helps thin, lightweight product and brighter white.
  • Smooth surface, does not absorb odours and colours, as well as not produces harmful chemicals during use, sanitary, heated sanitary safety of food.
  • Use safe in microwave, freezer and dishwasher.
  • Note: the product is preserved by a layer of oil against moisture, helping to mold the product and always avoid humidity cause from the external environment. So before using should wash thoroughly with warm water to wash the lemon and water phase.

Bộ chén đĩa thủy tinh vuông tròn Diva Ivory I.B 12 món (La Opala)


Senior product branding Diva La Opala

Use of consultants

Now the product has the following dimensions:

  • Soup-disk diameter 22.5 cm depth disk with crush bends soft helps to feed the loose not spill out niche product transport poached dishes, soup, stir-fried dishes, ...
  • The circular Disc diameter 19cm small disk used as a lining for automobiles, to spices, food or decoration are appropriate.
  • Large Disk diameter 27cm refers to fruits, boiled, or fried dishes, food gadgets, wide size help decorate the food easily.
  • Bowl diameter of 20.5 cm Flake soup, soup or homemade noodle soup such as water, pasta types ...
  • Small Bowl 17cm Bowl with diameter wide but shallow niche automaker with many water inventory or dot dishes such as: beef stock, Curry
  • Cup diameter 10 & 11, 5 cm or rice Flake sauces, tea, ....

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