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Nail clippers + Weekly Care nail file (curved form)
Nail clippers + Weekly Care nail file (curved form)

Cutting claws for home pets will help protect your home's furniture from damage. It also saves you a small amount of care and nail trimmers at veterinary stations. In addition, the most important thing is that the care of the claws is also the health care for them, because when the nails are long without cutting, it will make it difficult to walk, or break the effect of the meat and the bad. In some cases, the longened nails will curl backwards into the pet's foot.

A cat and dog should be trained to "cut" the nail right from an early age

To "lure" your pet to cut your nails, you must do so carefully, gently stroke and massage the pet's foot. Some fastidious dogs and cats will not stand still for you to cut. In this case you have to apply a gradual but advanced strategy, that is, each time you cut a few nails. After many times, sharp nails on all four legs will be processed. The doctor advised that cutting the nail after the pet had a long, comfortable nap.


When cutting, keep the pet's feet in your hand. The thumb is above the pet's toes, the other fingers will be below. Using your middle finger or index finger create a push from the bottom up to the front of the pet's toe so that their nails are exposed clearly.
Please pay attention, you will see in the middle of the nail there is a pink triangle (cat), black (dog). DO NOT CUT TO THIS POINT because it concentrates some of the cat's blood vessels and nerves. If you accidentally cut the offense will cause pain and bleeding for cats.
Pet claws will gradually grow back. Please take care of the nails for them after 3-4 weeks.
It is recommended to cut the nail into small pieces, not to cut a large piece

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