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Set of 6 glasses glass beer Harmonia 0.3-39cl (Bormioli Rocco)
Set of 6 glasses glass beer Harmonia 0.3-39cl (Bormioli Rocco)

Product Information

Beer drinking Cups made of high grade glass material produced with the precise combination of traditional production processes with modern technology, not color, easy to smell toilet plaque. Can be used in decorating the House, display tables or as gifts for friends, relatives.

Beer glass Harmonia 0.3

Glass Harmonia 0.3 from Italy made of transparent glass with a thickness of the glass just right. The cup-shaped delicate designs make beer not lost luxury, besides cups have the legs you can grip the stem glass or Cup legs are.

Bộ 6 ly bia thủy tinh Harmonia 0.3 - 39cl (Bormioli Rocco)

The product has the features:

  • No beer handles, environmentally appropriate high drink some beers don't drink.
  • Made with high grade glass, transparent, highly durable multipurpose use, such as: do the drinking glass conditioning, glass containers, vitamins, fruit juice and is often used to drink beer on the table get drunk of the gentlemen.
  • Advanced glass material: Italian country which is famous for glass manufacturing industrial background. The glass products from Italy always makes for satisfied users of color, transparency and luxury appearance.
  • With shiny, glass material throughout will bring you the delicate feel when enjoying his favorite beverage.

You should note when drinking beer:

  • The foam is one of the most important characteristics of beer so need to know how to copy for bottling beer .
  • When pouring the beer bottles out of the Cup, not the reverse slope or shake that bottle slightly inclined to the right, and then pouring from the rim of the Cup.

Beer connoisseurs often prefer to drink fast because that if carbon dioxide in the beer so long will be lost cause heat in the body are not clear. They also like to drink on the large cup to beer not be raised the heat than the outside temperature. Besides, should pay attention to glass to drink beer to be clean, not to stick the grease by grease would quickly swallow the loss of beer foam.

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