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BenQ - W1070 1080P Full HD 3D Projector
BenQ - W1070 1080P Full HD 3D Projector

Home Theater is not a strange concept anymore, now just need to invest a little then anyone can bring home theater. Projection solutions for home theater projectors are a lot of choice. BenQ W1070 can be a good choice for you when it meets 4
The criteria is Durable, Beautiful, Cheap and Stable.

The projector market now has a lot of names from low to high segment, many different quality models for users to choose. Manufacturers are rapidly launching a variety of mid-range projectors aimed at entry-level customers that are reasonably priced, competing with image quality.

The BenQ W1070 is one such 3D projector on the market, supporting 3D presentations with resolutions up to Full HD 1920 x 1080.


BenQ W1070 3D Projector Specifications


Package and design of the BenQ W1070 3D Projector
The BenQ W1070 3D Projector is packaged in hard paper caskets, with a black, purple strap, with the projector occupying more than one corner 4 at the bottom right. Basic information on the BenQ W1070 is provided on the side. BenQ W1070 pack pretty carefully with sponge wrap thick cover. Included accessories (user guide, power cable, D-Sub cable, remote control and 2 AAA batteries) are also carefully packed.

The entire BenQ W1070 3D projector is painted white, with a slight silver finish on the side. The top of the W1070 is white in color, the highlight is in the flashlight area and the BenQ logo next to it. The projection area is slightly raised slightly above the upper surface, creating both a prominent and 3D feel for the product. True, the W1070 supports 3D, but the accompanying machine does not have 3D glasses so this feature has not been experienced.

The surface on the machine is white glossy, but the plastic underneath the body is rough, giving a stronger feel to the machine.

The BenQ W1070 3D projector has a physical control keypad located on the top (the bottom of the page if the user crashes the ceiling), including a separate Power button, four navigation keys and Menu / Exit, Auto, Mode / Enter, Eco Blank, and Source are arranged in the empty areas, forming a square 3 × 3 neat, the buttons in the corner with a rounded corners, just above the key cluster is the Power, Temp and Lamp.

The physical key press feels slightly hard, compensates for good bounce and slightly hard to recognize the user when control. The flat surface of the keyboard is slightly lower than the surface of the machine, but the keys still rise higher, so you easily position to control even when not looking.

The BenQ W1070 is designed with a wide variety of rectangular heat sinks (silver gray upper half) and honeycomb holes. The slots do not occupy the entire area can only in certain positions, the remaining plastic to increase the rigidity of the body.

The W1070 is on the right side of the projector, with the signal receiver from the remote control, the left side is the main heat sink with 70mm internal cooling fan, and the hot air outlet slots are designed to the left. BenQ Logo is in the middle of pretty good. Underneath is a push button that lifts the body when placed on the table. The lens of the 3D W1070 is protected by a translucent plastic cover, attached to the body by a rubber band.

The W1070 has two HDMI ports, 12V Trigger port, Component port, Mini USB, D-Sub, RS232, S-Video, Video and Audio in lotus and 2 audio in / out. Bottom to the left is the 3-pin main power connector commonly found on the computer. It also has a Kensington lock hole on the right to ensure safety.

Below is the basic information of the BenQ W1070, the ceiling system and the right foot stand can be adjusted.

Experience the 3D BenQ W1070 projector
The W1070 3D Projector is the flagship of BenQ popular Full HD 3D projector for the home entertainment segment. The W1070 is suitable for those who want to set up a 3D home theater or cafes. and small HD movie projection at moderate cost. It features a Full HD 1920 x 1080 resolution that can project images up to 235 inches in size on a wall or screen, with small spaces. The W1070 3D Projector allows projection of up to 80 inches From the machine to the wall only 2m, an impressive number (1.6x magnification factor).

Installing the BenQ W1070 is easy. Interestingly, the W1070 features a convenient Lens Shift feature to move images vertically without moving the camera. Normally the Lens Shift function is only available on high-end models, with the BenQ W1070, you still have high-end functionality at a lower price. In return, BenQ is not too keen on the ease of use for Lens Shift when users need to use a screwdriver to adjust their own.

Some reviews from professional users or the entertainment community, the W1070 3D Projector receives good reviews of image quality in both 2D and 3D modes. Although the entry-level segment, the W1070 knows how to make users happy through image quality. With simple projection, the W1070 offers good quality, with the condition that you have the right projection screen to get a nice and clear picture. The colors are in harmony, the black is good but some colors are cool like yellow, blue, or a bit gray.

The BenQ W1070 3D Projector, of course, is not color-corrected when it comes to users. If you want to get the most out of your product, you need to do some calibration. This process is sometimes only necessary for those who have strict requirements on image and color. Here is a comparison of the color palette of the W1070 before and after refining.

Before color calibration

After color calibration

Before refining, the BenQ W1070 gives you plenty of color balance, but it compensates for its balance and balance, making the color calibration process simpler. After finishing fine, the color accuracy of the W1070 is quite good, the presentation of the product is smoother, the color is much better.

BenQ W1070 gaming projector delivers a decent experience. When playing MOBA games should make projection on the big screen, W1070 has a low latency, not affect the game so the combat phase is processed correctly, win the player (of course the player must high). Built-in speakers of BenQ W1070 bring the volume is quite loud, quality enough to listen to online games or moderate experience with movies. If you are serious about sound quality, you should have a stereo system instead of using the built-in speaker of the projector.

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