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BenQ -  Projectors MS524
BenQ -  Projectors MS524

Picture quality over time

The BenQ MS524 projector - made with the new DLP technology, has a visual experience, sharpness is always perfect, and colors are as lifelike as many years of use. BenQ uses advanced DLP technology capable of reflecting light from millions of micro-mirrors integrated on the DMD chip onto the advanced color wheel system. Because the micro-mirrors are completely transparent and protected in a closed system, the BenQ MS525 is virtually devoid of deterioration and immunity to image aging, thereby improving image quality. perfect over time.

                           Màu gốc -  Sau 5000 giờ sử dụng - Sau khi thay bóng


Full 3D Blu-ray support

The BenQ MS524 projector incorporates the latest DLP technology with 3D movie playback capabilities, allowing users to experience vivid 3D movie footage from 3D content players such as Bluray players and Other sources.

DLP technology also offers a dust-free design that keeps users confident of lasting image quality and minimizes maintenance costs. In addition, SmartEco ™ technology will increase contrast and color quality with durability, while saving up to 70% of power consumption. 

The image is astounding with a super-sharp writing

By increasing the pixel density by 96 percent, the DLP technology places the chip behind the pixels, thus eliminating the dark areas around the edge of the pixel circuit that often wear out color and detail - Setting a high pixel density and reducing the black border around the pixel is key to making the color come alive and the image quality becomes more stable.

The BenQ MS524 has a high contrast ratio of up to 13,000: 1, which makes the fine lines sharp, the lines become subtle and the dark areas become more detailed. A deeper black and better quality will make the image clear and pure. As a result, your presentation will become more readable and effective, even in locations far removed from the screen.


Save more energy with BenQs SmartEco ™ Technology

Reduces total operating cost of TCO and optimizes projection power with flexible power saving, outstanding brightness, exquisite image quality and optimized lamp life. SmartEcoTechnology is the perfect solution. For DLP Projectors - With this initiative, schools and businesses can save up to 70% of the power consumption of projectors and reduce maintenance costs through power savings, while delivering Extremely vivid experience for all presentations.

Colors are as lively and real as life

Even in bright spaces, the BenQ DLP projector achieves optimum light balance and color accuracy, plus BrilliantColor ™ technology improves color to make the image look as real as life. . BrilliantColor technology allows processing of 6 colors by combining Yellow, Cyan, and Magenta colors with the original Red, Blue and Green colors. From hard to reproduce colors such as cyan and light yellow, to everything on your presentation, are performed in a pure, lively way.


             Máy chiếu không DLP    Máy chiếu BenQ DLP


LampSave Mode

The replacement cost of the projector is the largest cost of the projector. The LampSave Mode is designed to automatically adjust the light output according to the brightness of the projection content, thereby increasing the lamp life by up to 50%! Frequency of replacing bulbs also becomes minimal and reduces the cost by 50%

EcoFACTS certification

ecoFACTS is a certification that helps you know how environmentally friendly BenQ products are!

When developing environmentally-friendly products, BenQ not only performs rigidly according to set standards, but we also actively develop other environmentally-friendly solutions.

ecoFACTS said that BenQ has made every effort to replace toxic chemicals, select materials, design packaging, discover energy-saving solutions and other product-related issues. .

No signal reception mode

Automatically switches to Eco Blank Mode if the projector is turned on for about 3 minutes and still has not received an image signal, thus helping to avoid wasting unnecessary power and extending lamp life. .



Technology: DLP

Light intensity: 3,200 Ansi lumens

Contrast: 13000: 1 (Surreal)

Resolution: SVGA (800 x 600 pixels); UXGA (1600 x 1200 pixels)

Lamp life: 10,000 hours; Power: 190W

Dimensions: 36-300 inches

Input signal: HDMI x 1; VGA in x 2, S-Video 4 pin x 1, Video RCA x 1, Audio IN (L & R) x 1, USB mini Type x1
Output signal: VGA out x 1, Stereo Mini Jack x 1, 2W Speaker x 1, Remote control w / battery
Control port: RS232 x 1

Weight: 1.9kg

Dimensions: 283 x 95 x 222 mm

Projector for Business Football 2016


The Euro 2016 season is also approaching the peak season that sports fans of the King want to enjoy the highest peak. Capture the passion of football enthusiasts often gathered in crowded places to watch together the top game, the owner of the football cafe shop to choose the solution to install the projector with a large projection screen. To attract more customers, a projector with large screen to help the king sports fans will feel the game as in real life.

Nguyen, who owns a café in Van Quan (Ha Dong), said: "I realize that the demand of football fans on the big screen is increasing, before I used only the TV screen small after upgrading to the new projector system HD the number of customers come to me and more often than before. The weekend is filled with seats because of the weekend of such exciting matches as the Premier League, and often people are more inclined to entertain the weekend. He shared more evening service staff not keep up with the number of customers to watch football east.

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