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Asia - Wall fan - L18001

Asia L18001 fan wall design novelty, many outstanding features

Powerful engine, stable operation but very noisy cause no noise: power 55W fan just to ensure the cool breeze that the fan brings, and save power consumption. Asia L18001 wall fan operates smoothly, smoothly, without vibration, bringing satisfaction to consumers when used.

Wind speed is stable, dispersed throughout your room. During hot summer days, or a damp room, the secret of the winds that the fan creates will definitely help relieve the discomfort that will help you and only take a moment that you can feel. get the difference.

Propeller is compact, narrow width, up to 45 cm in length, reducing fan friction with air to help fan run stronger and more durable, avoid getting more dust during use, wing area Small fans will ensure the rotor stability of the fan running smoothly, no clogging or noisy. Due to its long rotor blades, the speed and stability of the fan creates fresh, cool breezes that the Asia L18001 wall fan provides.

The Asia L18001 wall fan has a unique navigation motor.
There are two choices for you to adjust the wind speed, such as using the gear knob or using a zipper under the fan. Depending on the design of the fan hangers, you can use the form of fan as above, suitable for many ages with different heights. There are 2 zippers corresponding to the speed control function and the directional adjustment function. You can use it quickly, and then quickly get comfortable to start learning, working or relaxing.

The performance of the Asia L18001 wall fan is made of extremely high quality plastic

Compact design, easy to disassemble and clean, ensuring the engine is running smoothly, stable and long lasting, suitable for most families with less conditions to replace the electrolysis equipment. Regular use. With simple operation, you can remove fan cages and fan blades to clean the fan.

Wall fan Asia L18001 famous brand

The plug system is made of durable plastic, durable and easy to clean, ensuring the cord is not bent, stamping the core when used.

Asia L18001 wall fan is easy to use, durable, safe.
Asia L18001 wall fan is stylish, easy to use
Hot weather or hot and dry air will not be a barrier to your work and rest. Just have a L18001 for your room. The speed is suitable for numbers 1 to 3 (medium, medium, strong speed coolers) when used alone. Or when friends, relatives meet, gathering will feel relaxed for the members. After practicing sports, when you return to your family room, turn on the fan and enjoy the value of life, satisfaction and comfort that you will feel with the hanging fan. This wall of Asia L18001. Iron cages designed with narrower slots are much safer for families with children, and more fans are designed to hang high on the wall, so this issue is no longer a concern of families with children. small, active.

The fan is designed with orange on the black background, eye catching, luxurious, and easy to see the status of your fan. The use of extremely fast and simply plugged in and choose the appropriate wind speed, design with clear numbers, not too many features should be suitable for all objects used. The simplicity but the wind quality and durability that the product line brings the satisfaction of the customers trust the use of the Asia L18001 wall fan.

The fan is just as safe with a navigation motor design, and more energy efficient for your home or business. With more and more modern living, facing the challenges of the environment, the depletion of natural resources, the use of energy saving products not only save the cost of living in your family. It also contributes to protecting and maintaining a healthy living environment for our descendants.

With all the extras you can see, there's no reason why you can own a genuine Asia L18001 wall fan to enjoy those values.

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