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Asia - Wall fan - L16012

Wall fan Asia L16012
Wall-mountable design, space saving.
Luxurious colors, eye catching.
High power efficiency.
Timing utility.
It has a modern remote control function.
Wide wingspan, high cooling efficiency.
Rotatable 180o reversible direction of rotation.
Genuine long-term warranty, no charge 24 months.
Design and utility of wall fan Asia L16012
About the design of the product: L16012 owns a compact, luxurious design. It is considered a good solution for you when the space of your place or work is not too large, placing other types of fans such as fan will occupy part of space, causing difficulty in traveling. Outdoor fan made of metal, coated with white paint, difficult to fade outside, ensure the cage is not oxidized before the weather changes. The internal rotor design of the L16012 is made of hard, transparent plastic, giving a clear, beautiful appearance. The box contains motor fans made of high-grade plastic, painted black. Asia L16012 wall mounted fan is firmly built, the motor is quiet and vibration free, giving you a feeling of safety when used.

Wall mounted ASIA L16012 fan

Convenient remote control: The Asia L16012 wall fan features a modern remote control, which outperforms other models. Even if you are in any position, you can direct the fan control, then select the functions on the control keyboard to adjust all operations, without the need for travel time. fan seat to adjust.

Flexible Timing Function: The Asia L16012 wall fan has a self-timer function for 2-4 hours. With this function, when you use, you estimate the time of use, the level of time you use, so even if you have extra work out forget the fan, you can rest assured that the fan will self Turn off, do not waste your family electricity. Long time to 8 hours is suitable for use in the evening, if you do not want to fan all night just before appointment, then you can rest assured to have a good sleep, without worrying The cold air and the fan will keep you cold, so it saves you a lot of power.

High cooling performance, wide wingspan, 3 wind modes suitable for many purposes.

Cooling performance of wall fan Asia L16012: Use 220V power grid, plug directly into the socket. With a capacity of 55W, the wing diameter is up to 40cm. So the use of Asia L16012 wall fan is very power-saving, the function of moving left 180o right, reversing still has high efficiency against heat, suitable for both small space and large space more like work room, classroom. The fan has 3 modes of strong, medium, weak, comfortable for you to choose the suitable use. Cage and wing components are detachable, facilitating cleaning and fan cleaning

Convenient remote control for easy use

Safety: With the use of the Asia L16012 wall fan, it is worrying for families with young children that they can put their hands on dangerous rotor blades, , the pool fan hanging on the wall very firmly, out of reach of children. In addition, the Asia L16012 wall fan is equipped with a high-grade silver motor motor fitted with an explosion-proof fuse to provide a sense of peace of mind.

So many features, price is extremely reasonable, suitable for most families, high cooling efficiency, no loss of moving space below, Asia L16012 wall mounted fan This is an electric fan that you can not ignore this summer. Please contact us to get the Asia L16012 wall fan for the best price.

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