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Asia -  Wall fan - L16010

Asia vina L16010 wall fan includes 3 main parts
- Fan cage

- Propeller

- Speed ​​adjustment knob

Highlights on Asia L16010
The Asia L16010 wall fan has a beautiful, durable, luxurious, compact design that does not require any space. This is a line of high-grade 1-wire fan that gives more comfort to the user. You can carry Asia L16010 hanging in many locations.

Inspired by the main color you choose is blue and green color makes the fan beautiful, bring color harmony, fresh, friendly to every family.

Wall fan ASIA L16010 name parts

Asia L16010 ceiling fan with a capacity of only 45W, is very economical for the whole family, especially in hot summer days. Smooth running fans provide comfort to the user.

The Asia L16010 complies with the regulations on the limits of toxic chemicals in accordance with the Law.

Nan cage firmly, durable

The Asia L16010 Fan is designed with solid rods and is fixed to each other by means of a plastic frame (bent) to protect the rotor for safe operation while safe for the user.

Asia L16010 wall fan is easy to use

The L16010 has a large propeller, delicate design
With high-grade plastic fan blades, the Asia L16010 fan is safe for the wearer, unclogged while operating the wingspan of 40cm, using 220V power, 160-200mA , 1 minute of rotating 1200 turns produces average wind flow of 60m3 / min. With this wind flow, the fan will give your family an instant, steady wind.

Control knob is easy to use on Asia L16010
Asia L16010 fans can be used to adjust the rotation angle of the fan.

Asia L16010 wall fan with 3 rotating speeds from low, medium to high so that users can choose according to the needs of themselves and their families for each situation. The product also uses wire rope to control the speed of the rotor.

The Asia L16010 wall fan uses the same three-speed wiring switch incorporating a reversing electric motor, a durable motor protection system that protects the fan, fan running smoothly while operating at the same time. bringing safety to the user.

Asia L16010 advanced technology wall fan

Sanitary fan wall hanging guide L16010
Frequent cleaning of the fan will help your family's wall fan increase longevity and durability.

Hygienic steps for wall fans:

Make sure that the switch is off, disconnect the power before cleaning the fan.
Lift the fan off the hook
Remove the frame (with a ribbon)
Remove the fan cage
Remove the blade of the blade
Gently remove the blades
Clean the dust on the rotor: You can use a soft moist towel to clean the rotor, then wipe with a dry towel to ensure that it does not leave any traces on the fan blade.
Clean 2 fan cages
Remove and clean the face with the Asia logo
Cleaning of the heat sink, fan motor body by brush
Re-install the fan

Wall fan ASIA L16010 energy-saving

So you have completed the process of cleaning the wall fan and peace of mind to use. You can also apply this cleaning method to all other cage fans.

An extremely useful feature of the Asia L16010 is its unique hanging feature, which gives the fan a more secure fit for the user, especially when children accidentally touch the fan. Your baby will not have much chance of getting his hands on the propeller because of curiosity.

Asia L16010 wall hanging fan can be used widely in many places in the family such as bedroom, dining room, living room, ... or small and medium office: meeting room, .... but still ensure the elegance of the room.

With a durable, high quality, low price product such as L16010, the fan deserves to be Vietnam's leading product for every family.

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