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Asia - Wall fan - L16009

Highlights of the L16009

Asia L16009 wall-mounted fan: 1 wind speed regulator and 1 wind direction adjuster.

With a wall-mounted design, the fan will help your family save space.

The main color of the L16009 is orange - black makes the product look more luxurious, more prominent.

Asia Vina L16009 luxury fan hanging

Outstanding features on Asia Vina L16009 \

Beautifully designed solemn colors, eye-catching colors
Asia L16009 is a beautiful, compact, orange blades with black fan cage when placed in your living space will decorate your home more prominent, fresh, more modern.

Secure frame of stainless steel

Wall fan Asia Vina L16009

The material that makes up the fan blade is high-grade hard plastic, glossy and difficult to break, so it is very good to clean the fan. Heavy-duty fan rod made of thin, lightweight steel bar, in addition to anti-rust coating powder. The fan base is solid monolith.

Generates strong winds of up to 45W
The L16009 has three 40 cm wide blades that are lightweight and compact, making cooling fun. Strong and durable silver brass motor with 1200 rpm rotation ensures the fan can produce large amount of wind, strong speed and wind speed in short time. The fan will bring the feeling of comfort, convenience for the user.

Power saving
The power of the L16009 ceiling fan is 45W, saving electricity, contributing to wind blowing, high wind speed, wider wind and stronger. The product is certified by the Ministry of Industry and Trade (VNEEP) to meet TCVN 7826: 2007 standard in the National Target Program on Energy Efficiency and Conservation.

Certification of quality products

(Quality product certification stamps)

Control knobs are easy to use by pulling wires.
Wall fan L16009 with 3 speed controller. 0: off, 1: high speed, 2: medium speed, 3: low speed.

Two control wires designed to help users find it convenient to use: 1 wind speed control wires, 1 adjustable wires.

Motor protection system with fuse explosion-proof.
Asia L16009 has a high-grade silver motor motor with 2 fuses to protect the machine when overloaded by overload or overheated fan due to over operating. With this high quality protection system fitted with intelligent fuses, the fan motor will operate more durable, explosion-proof and provide absolute safety for the user.

Fan motor box L16009

Note when used
With its unique design, the wall fan is suitable for hanging in small spaces of 10-15m2, so you should not hang the fan too high will affect the cooling space and also more convenient to use. The ideal height for hanging fans is 2.2- 2.7 m.

The characteristics of this type of fan are fixed only on the wall, it is not convenient to move to another space so sometimes users will also have problems during the fan cleaning. But try to arrange the longest time is 5-6 months of cleaning fan once to protect the fan motor durability, also to keep the atmosphere is more healthy.

Although the wall fan has been very familiar to consumers for a long time, however, in the course of use, users should pay attention to the following small points to use effectively and properly to increase durability and ensure Safe when using:

- Do not put the fan straight in the face will be easily stretched, blowing straight to the person in the long term will affect the sweat and thermal imbalance of the body, causing dry skin, dazzle ... good The best thing to do is adjust the fan when using the fan for a long time.

- Do not turn on the fan when the body is sweating because of movement, it will cause imbalance between the process of birth - heat dissipation of the body during the excretion of sweat, a favorable environment for bacteria to enter the body. .

- Should be in the same blowing direction of the fan.

- Turn on the fan at a moderate speed.

- The best time to operate a wall fan is in about 4 hours. Then, you should give the fan a break of 15-30 minutes which will help increase the life of the fan.

*** Asia L16009 is extremely useful for every family!

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