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Asia - Wall fan - L16003

The Asia L16003 wall hanging fan is designed to save space for your family, such as living room, bedroom, dining room, bathroom, ... or space for offices, The Asia L16003 wall fan has a powerful and durable motor, but it is quiet and quiet.

Wall fan with fan blades design up to 40 cm, providing long-lasting wind and airflow, combined with 45W motor operation, gives you total peace of mind in the quality of winds and copper. The cool air that this fan brings, will ensure you will satisfy your customers during the hot summer days, or the air of your room is bubbly, smelly, ..

Adjustable wind direction and wind speed with convenient zipper, in addition to 3 adjustable knob on the fan, but you can comfortably hang the fan higher if the cool air spread to the space where you live and work, just pull the towel comfortably just below the fan, the left one, the Swing function to adjust the wind direction, suitable for your use: focus the cool air when only Some users, or spin modes, help disperse even the cool air of your room, suitable for crowded meetings, gathering friends, or meeting dear ones, with two functions. Speed ​​on the right is to adjust the wind speed corresponding to 3 numbers with the speed increasing from 1 to 3.

Wall fan ASIA L16003 convenient for simple use

The Asia L16003 wall fan is a household electrical appliance that guarantees absolute safety: the fan is hanging high, out of reach of small children, suitable for households with children, and you do not have to worry. On the problem of fire your electric system because the fan motor is equipped with a safety fuse. Immediately disconnect the circuit as soon as a malfunction occurs, ensuring your electrical system

Asia L16003 wall fan is stable, easy to use
When you have a Asia L16003 wall fan you are completely satisfied with the convenience and benefits that the fan itself brings, saving space for installation in your room, when hanging fixed ceiling fans. both less traveled and avoid damage caused by collisions or playfulness of children, so your fan will last longer. Depending on the height you design, which can adjust the speed or wind direction on the gearbox or use zippers, so that all ages can choose to use easily. Depending on weather conditions you can choose a suitable wind speed, the number 1 when you just need cool air for the room, or the strongest is No. 3 suitable for hot weather, the. Not only does it relieve hot flashes immediately at work, work, study or rest, but it also helps to connect with friends, relatives and friends in the gatherings. L16003 is powerful, but quiet vibration, extremely durable, helps you relax when enjoying the stressful fat at work. Wall mounted fan with capacity of 45 W power saving energy for your family, social and contribute to build green living environment. Not only the quality of use, but the design and style will be increasingly focused in the development of science and technology. The Asia L16003 wall fan is designed in a sleek, compact design with three youthful colors: yellow, blue and blue, which you can choose from. Satisfied in all aspects, you should choose to buy yourself a product ceiling fan Asia L16003 for placement and use right in the room you want.

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