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Featured on L16002

1 wire rope control 3 speed

Asia Vina L16002 has 3 wind speeds controlled by one wire for easy adjustment of fan speed with 3 different levels according to your needs.

Consumption of power consumption

 Asia Vina L16002 is equipped with motor protection system with a capacity of only 55W, saving electricity for the family and helping the machine operate smoothly compared to many other products of the same type.

General construction

 Asia Vina L16002 consists of:

Fan fan

Speed ​​control knob on the fan body

Features on Asia L16002


 Asia L16002 is designed simple and safe for everyone to use. Products like new wind for your whole family. With a young, harmonious design, simple design but high aesthetics, you can use products for space around 10-15m2 wide such as bedroom, living room, dining room, kitchen , office space, ... no matter where in the house, in your office.

 The L16002 has 2 colors for consumers to choose from: blue and green. Fan diameter is 40 cm, easy to remove, quick cleaning. With its sleek, lightweight design, the Asia L16002 has an eye-catching design, elegance, elegant color, easy to choose, does not take up much space, and the price is right for you. people.


Compact fan, durable with environment

 Asia Vina L16002 is designed by thin steel cage with the bar knurled close to wrap plastic propeller inside. With this cage, the rotor will be fixed firmly, protecting the user safety, increasing the life of the fan.

Plastic propeller safety

Impeller made of high quality plastic, without breakage, safe, easy to clean, not fade color over time, durable, friendly with the environment. With the blue fan blades, the fan will look harmonious, giving a pleasant feeling, fresh for the user. With a wingspan of up to 40 cm, the Asia Vina L16002 hanging fan can supply up to 72 cubic meters of wind in your room for a minute if the fan is operated in stable voltage conditions.

Easy button speed control

 Asia Vina L16002 has 3 wind speeds to choose from. With the use of wires to control the fan speed, anyone can use the L16002 fan. At the same time, with the use of control wires, the indirect impact on the fan body and the control knob will provide a more durable, no hissing or drying effect at the control knob.

With 3 speeds of wind, with adjustable wind direction, the user can adjust the winds according to their preferences, needs, and purpose.

Engine protection system

The motor protection of the Asia Vina L16002 wall fan protects the fan to a minimum, providing a more durable fan. With a high quality copper wire motor, the fan motor is designed to add a fuse for explosion when there is a power failure, the product is extremely safe for the user.

Use and storage

Asiavina wall fan L16002

The ideal height for a wall fan is 2.2 to 3 meters above the floor. When not using the fan, you should clean the fan, cover the fan cover to prevent dust, protect the fan.

You can clean the wall fan every 3-4 months is enough. Remember to disconnect the power switch before removing the fan. After cleaning the fan, do not forget to fan the little grease to run the machine, work better, smoothly.

Advantages of wall fans

The advantage of the wall-mounted fan is that it will save space, fan area will be wider, so the air will be better, fan from the fan is not directly in the face, The skin, do not cause dry skin, bubble for the user. At the same time, with less power consumption, the motor does not become hot when used for a long time, without creating hot air, it will also make the user more comfortable when using other types of fans.

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