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Asia - Mezzanine fan A16018
Asia - Mezzanine fan A16018

Color: Coban Green
Manufacturer: Asia
Electric fan type: blower
Capacity: 45 W
Propeller diameter: 40 cm
Number of blades: 3 wings
Wind Speed: 3

Modern design
Asia A16018 cobalt blue fly fan is a high-drain, compact design suitable for all room space without taking up too much space, easy to move many places.
Quạt lửng Asia A16018 màu xanh coban có kiểu dáng cao ráo
Quạt hoạt động với công suất 45W cùng 5 cánh quạt

The fan works with 45W power and 3 fan blades, creating a strong cool airflow while still running smoothly, without vibration or noise when the fan is spinning.
3 wind speed
The fan has three wind speeds (high, medium and low), allowing you to easily customize the wind to suit you. 40cm fan for wide wing fan to cool all directions in the room.

quạt Asia đem đến sự thoải mái và tiện lợi nhất cho người sử dụng.

Safe with fire-proof fuse
Asia fans are equipped with a fuse that fires and saves electricity efficiently, providing convenience and safety for the user.

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