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Asia - Mezzanine fan - A16017
Electric fans are one of the products that are familiar to every family, and in the summer the demand for fans is increased because of the simple electric fan and easy to use cooling and dispersion of hot, stuffy of the summer. So the manufacturers to market a variety of fan products not only varied in design, color size but its features can also change according to the needs of each customer. This is very convenient for customers when choosing the product because the product line is very diverse. Besides, there are too many fan electric products in the market so the selection of quality products is also a difficult choice for customers.
Asia A16017 flywheel design delicate, beautiful
Mezzanine fans are popular in many families today because of the convenience and cooling capacity of this stream. So we introduce to you the fan of Asia Vina A16017 mega design is strong, durable, good directional rotation fan to create a strong wind and cool to cool the hot summer days.
Simple, modern design
The Asia Vina A16017 flywheel is well-placed in the bedroom and the living room is well-ventilated. The fan is made of high quality hard plastic and durable, large diameter base to keep the fan firmly shake during operation and as soon as the fan rotation
Long wingspan, allowing the cool breeze to spread
IEC Fan with fan blades width of 40cm with 45W capacity to create a powerful air flow throughout the room space, fast rotation speed 1200 rpm and good wind flow 71.2 m3 / High-performance cooling gives you a cool and pleasant feeling when you turn on the fan.
3 speeds from low to high, easy to adjust by push buttons
The A16017 3-blade fan has 3 wind speeds for user selectable wind speed for cooling and 1 fan for fan off, the winds shown by the buttons are simple and easy to use.
Highly flexible adjustment, easy
Fan height is adjustable from 910 -1075 mm, which is convenient for the user when placed in multiple positions and easily adjust the height of the fan for more efficient cooling.
Ultra-durable silicone engine works quietly
Noise, no annoying people around, protected in plastic box, avoiding maximum dust.
The Asia A16017 flywheel is certified for energy-saving products

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