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Asia - Mezzanine fan - A16008

Describe the outstanding features of the Asia 16008 Fan

Simple, powerful design
The fan of the Asia A16008 is simply designed with harmonious color, solemnly create the impression for customers on the first experience. Watching the fan, you can see the freshness, dynamic and full of energy. The fan is high quality plastic, safe to use. Not only that, with the Asia A16008 flywheel, you can adjust the height of the fan to match the position and desire of the user. Because the fan is extremely intelligent design, convenient, with unique functions will give users the confidence and satisfaction.

The operating mechanism of the product
Unlike other product lines, the Asia A16008 flywheel gives you a 55W power unit equipped with a fire-rated fuse. When you carry a fire resistant bridge, you feel safe about the machinery and equipment of the product each time you use it. You will feel cool when using this mezzanine because the product has a wind flow of 41.3 m3 / minute to help you dispel all hot sultry summer heat. The outstanding advantages of the product has made the air throughout the room and make you feel comfortable with the lane.

The ASIA A16008 flywheel has a rotational speed of up to 1200 rpm

Three wind speeds at 1200 rpm
The Asia A16008 flywheel is moderately fast with 3 different wind speed controls. Wide wingspan and rotational speed of 1200 rpm will bring cool to the user anytime, anywhere. You will not have to worry when your family members are not enjoying the cool breeze when meeting family or in union meals. The fan is like spreading, blowing wind throughout your room to help you have a great atmosphere.

Safe, easy to use

Equipped, designed with swivel adjustment button on the rear of the fan in the strokes so easy to use. This product is suitable for all family members, anyone can use it. The Asia A16008 flywheel is equipped with a flame-retardant fuse, which guarantees absolute safety for the user.

The ASIA A16008 flywheel adjusts easily

You and your family will have a good night's sleep if your family has this product. With its modern design and powerful features, the fan of Asia A16008 fans always brings cool, cool and cool air in the hot sunshine of summer. With a 12 month warranty, we are committed to providing genuine products to our customers and solving every problem when something happens. So wait, pick up the phone call us to be ordered fast. Let your Asia A16008 fan fly with your family and bring your family a deep sleep. Pleased to provide this product to the customer.

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