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Asia - Mezzanine fan - A16001

The ASIA A16001 flywheel features a modern, easy-to-adjust height

Owning a long wing span of up to 40cm helped the A16001 achieve extremely good winds. Just like electric fans from Asia, the Asia A16001 flywheel has a rotational speed of up to 1200 rpm combined with a 54.2 m³ / min wind flow which creates a strong airflow to cool the room. Comfortable and comfortable. Fan motors are durable, fan feet are designed to help the fan to stand firm and not vibrate during use. Many customers complain that their products often shake constantly during use, causing anxiety and irritability to the user. But with the Asia A16001 fan we insist that the product is designed soothing not to shake, giving you a comfortable rest.

In addition, the product is designed in the middle of the fan with screws to adjust the height of the fan during use. It is convenient, right in the product itself A16001, but depending on the place and purpose of use that A16001 can be extended or lowered according to user criteria.

Asia is one of the world's leading manufacturers of household electrical appliances, and products from Asia are fully qualified in terms of quality, safety, usability and durability. , cheap and beautiful. A16001 is one of the most popular products in the market, especially in hot summer weather like this, the repair of your house with a product A16001 is a smart choice. Especially, the fan of Asia A16001 has 3 levels of wind, you can adjust the wind or strong. All are mounted in the fan foot so it is convenient for you to use.

Not only cool cool but the safety of the product is extremely reassuring, you do not have to worry product will cause noise during use. Sturdy motor design, highly flexible plastic casing, high flexibility, can control the fan head up or down, left or right as you like.

The process is quite simple, just like you usually use other types of electric fans. Just plug in the power cord and adjust the appropriate wind switches mounted on the fan foot and then you just sit, lie and relax enjoy the cool breeze from the A16001 without having to be upset with the weather. hot summer.

With its ultra-cool cooling features, simple design, elegant colors and modern design make it easy and safe for the user. You do not hesitate anymore but do not contact us immediately to own a fan A16001 mezzanine for your family. A16001 is the perfect choice for your family this summer

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