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Asia - Mezzanine fan - A16009

Basic features and advantages of Asia A16009 fan
Meets ASIA a16009 safe and convenient

One of the highlights of the Asia A16009 flywheel fan is that many consumers appreciate the simple, elegant design with a sturdy base. This fan is designed with a very neat stand that does not occupy much space when used properly for every family. Moreover, this product has bright colors that highlight the elegance of your home. In particular, the footrest is manufactured very firmly to provide stable stability for the fan when working with high-grade plastic to avoid scratching the floor when operating. For fans, they are made from electrostatic powder coated, which creates a wider radius when operating and does not shake. With the design of this mezzanine fan, you can easily clean and ensure the life of the product.

Outstanding design features as well as the design of the fan is Asia A16009 will help you choose. You can place this product in many different spaces such as cafeteria, living room, bedroom, playroom, ..

Safety features are the criteria that consumers are most interested in buying electrical appliances. If you fear that these products will endanger yourself and your family, please rest assured. This product is manufactured to a high degree of safety that has passed the necessary standards so you do not have to worry about it. The Asia A16009 flywheel comes with a motorized fuse block and safety fuse, which in turn will automatically shut off the power supply to ensure safety for the user. In addition to the fan blades, there are also 120 fan blades that form a sturdy cage to prevent users from touching the blades while the fan is in operation.

Quiet and efficient operation is one of the outstanding features that many customers rely on to purchase this product. Unlike conventional fans, the fan of the Asia A16009 fan is very quiet and quiet, always creating a diffused air that will cool the room. Thanks to the propeller and the wind flow, the cooling level will be increased, your space will be fresh and cool in the summer. Plus, with 3 speeds of rotation that will give you the flexibility to use, you can adjust as you like most comfortable. With this feature you and your family will have good sleep without worrying about hot or mosquito bites.

The Asia A16009 flywheel is designed with three 40cm diameter blades for smooth and powerful airflow. The special wing is designed in twisted form to help air around the circulation easily bring fresh space pleasant for everyone. Furthermore, with its large capacity and high rotational speed, the room will be cooled without any additional equipment. In addition, you can customize the height of the fan to suit the needs and location of the fan.

You and your family will have a cooler and more comfortable space and there is no need to worry about the hot weather anymore if you own a fan of Asia A16009. We have just shared some basic information to help people know how to buy more effective products.

For high durability fan over time, you should clean cyclically so that the stain does not damage the fan. Properly clean and dry the fan in a dry place, away from moisture, in contact with damp space. At the same time, the process of using customers should give the fans thought if not necessary to use.

Flywheel Asia A16009 Large capacity cooler quickly

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