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Asia - Box fan - F16002

Asia F16002 box fan is designed compact, block type, fan parts are located in the box. So you can easily move it easily, appropriately placed in many different locations. Covered by a box of high-grade plastic, help ensure the safety of users. On the other hand, you can clean, clean the dirt on the fan surface quickly. Not only that, it is designed with adjustable buttons with three different wind speeds, so you can easily select the right one for you. With a cool blue rotor design and white casing, it will definitely create a focal point for every family.

The internal design of the Asia F16002 box fan with superior features will not disappoint you!
Asia F16002 box fan is a large box fan, which has wingspan and box structure so it is also bigger. The fan has two main parts, the wing and the engine are always in the box. First of all, the blades are designed with wide wings, wings up to 40 cm. Therefore, the fan will always work quietly, let the wind out and have less noise. Moreover, the product is equipped with engines with a capacity of 45 w, active strong. Therefore, the fan will give you great wind power, allowing you to choose the wind level that suits you. Fans have a swivel screen to push the wind to either side or up, down not only wind chill but also safe for the user.

Features of Asia F16002 box fan
Compact, beautiful design
Easy to clean and maintain
Power 45 W operates strongly
Three-mode switch, reversing the electric motor
Explosion-Proof Fuses
Rotational speed of 1200 rpm
Automatic shutdown mode when spilled

Let's take a closer look at the features of the Asia F16002 box fan, an extremely useful product!
Asia F16002 is designed with bright colors, create highlights, add charm to your home. Its compact design with a weight of 3.6 kg makes it easy to move it, placing it in a variety of positions. In addition, the casing is made of plastic that makes it easy to clean dirt quickly. Then, with the 3-mode switch, the electric motor reverses easily for you to choose a suitable mode. Box fans fitted with 45w power, powerful operation will help the wind ever greater. The fan with a wingspan of 40 cm, high speed rotation up to 1200 rpm will definitely give you the cool air, rub the heat of the summer heat. The fan has a drop-off mode to ensure absolute safety for the user. In particular, the explosion-proof fuse ensures safety for all members of your family.

A product that integrates many features! Quickly shop for your family's Asia F16002 box fan - a great choice for everyone, making the family atmosphere softer, no longer feeling hot and uncomfortable during the summer.

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