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Asia - Box fan --F16001

External design of Asia F16001 box fan
Asia F16001 box fan is made from pure plastic to help you quickly clean, clean the dirt on the surface. Not only that, with its compact design and light weight, it makes it easy to move it to different places in the house. Wherever you are sitting, living room, study place or even the bedroom, you still have the cool breeze, cool air, help the lessons become more relaxed and effective, help quickly. go to sleep completely Moreover, the handle has a handle that is easier to move. Designed with subtle colors, fan of various colors, cool green or gray color will definitely be an indispensable highlight for your family's space during the summer.

Discover the inside design of the F16001 box fan

The F16001 box fan is designed for 45 watt of wind power, giving you a more comfortable, cooler feel to work and study more effectively. As a box fan, the wings and engine are located in the interior. Mostly designed with a wingspan of up to 40 cm, it creates a wider wind direction that spreads throughout the air to make the air in the room cooler. Specially equipped with 3 wind speeds as low, medium and fast will give you many suitable choices. With a rotation speed of up to 1200 rpm will give you the wind cool as natural wind. The fan is designed with rotating screen to push the wind to either side or up, down to help space is cooled. Not only that, the fan frame is made firm and tight. So it's safe to have a baby in your family.

Features of the Asia F16001 box fan
Compact design, subtle color
Easy to clean and maintain
Fan frame is made firmly
Power 45 W operates strongly
3-speed switch from low to high
Consumption of power consumption
Rotational speed of 1200 rpm
Flexible upward and downward travel
Asia F16001 box fan is compact and easy to use. Lightweight, you can easily move in different locations. Designed with a non-recyclable plastic cover, the product's durability lasts for some time. Not only that, it also gives you the convenience of cleaning, cleaning, making the fan always shiny and durable. Equipped with a powerful 45 watt of power to create a great flow of wind, help you feel comfortable and less tired. In addition, the Asia F16001 box fan is designed with 3 different wind speeds to give you more options. More specifically, one of the gadget features that the fan has a power consumption of only 55 watts will save power for your family. Plus, with a large rotary speed of up to 1200 rpm, flexible navigation gives you a cooler wind than ever before. Fan frame design is tight and close together, ensuring the safety of your whole family, especially for young children.
What better way to have a product that is both quality and affordable? It also saves energy. Quickly shop for your family! The Asia F16001 box fan - a close friend in every household. Family, the family atmosphere is cooler, no feeling hot, uncomfortable in the summer

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