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Asia - Quạt đứng - D18003
Standing fan D18003 exquisite design - luxury design
D18003 stand fan has a compact design with fan base, protective fan cage, fan blade, fan stand and fan speed controller. The product is designed from high quality plastic shiny bright eye catching. The fan base and cage are coated with electrostatic paint, which is sturdy, durable and long lasting design. The new 5-leaf design, made of transparent plastic, orange-painted wings with a wingspan of 450 mm, has a rotational speed of up to 1200 rpm for better fanning performance. before.
The height and speed controls of the Asia D18003 stand alone fan are easily integrated into the body of the product. Rugged base design, five rounded cylinders help the fan to stand and easily move to different spaces.
The new product line with new innovative, but manufacturers always note the high safety of the product. Asia D18003 vertical fan is designed with steel frame fan blade, very strong, rustproof and difficult to bend. The fans are evenly spaced, smaller than the tip of the finger, to avoid the unfortunate event that occurs when a small child indoors touches the cage. In addition, the product has a motor that is fitted with a fuse for fire protection, disconnecting the power at the time of trouble, thus avoiding the unfortunate fire problem.
EASY DIAGRAM ASIA D18003 is easy to use
The wingspan of the Asia 18003 fan has a large grip that provides a wide breeze to cool the room. The 45cm wide wing, with 5 swaths of rapid rotation, is designed to maximize space, allow the wind to travel evenly and spread well in the living room. , office ... The fan has a variety of wind speed regulation, convenient rotation, ... all integrated in a product at a very affordable price.
On hot summer days, they use their home electrical appliances to cool the room. Typically, you have to choose between air conditioners that can cause noise or heat dissatisfaction. The Asia D18003 stand can be a great replacement, as it has a much smoother operation than an air conditioner and does not make a big noise when used. You can go to sleep fast because the cooling effect of D18003 stand fan is very good.
Standing fan D18003 save maximum power
Asia D18003 stand fan is a new product line, modern with advantages over the previous industrial stand fan. With a capacity of 45 W, the 220 V - 50 Hz standby fan Asia D18003 easily cools your room which is very energy efficient. The product has been verified 5-star quality of energy savings of the Ministry of Industry and Trade of Vietnam. You will definitely feel secure about this useful feature of the product.
Asia brand electric fan is a famous brand, with quality and prestige has been voted for consumers for many years. Selecting the Asia D18003 high power fan with many safety features, saving will surely satisfy all consumers. Please contact us immediately to order products and other promotional information attached

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