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Asia - Stand fan - D16015
Features of Asia D16015 stand fan: The product offers many advantages for users.
Asia D16015 stand fan is compact design, easy to move.High plastic stand, the fan runs smoothly without scratching the floor.
In addition, the blades are transparent green, high quality plastic and electrostatic electrostatic alloy.
The Asia D16015 has a wide wingspan of up to 40cm and a versatile wind-knob that helps to cool larger spaces and save maximum space. Large winds of 72.4m3 / min bring strong winds and continuously help you dispel hot sunshine with cool air space.
The Asia D16015 stands for three different wind speeds (0-stop, 1-speed, 2-speed, 3-speed). Easy to see and choose the wind speed suitable for use.
Just by a very simple operation, you can easily change the height of the fan by turning the rear adjustment knob to select the appropriate height.
Asia D16015 vertical fan can easily adjust the height
When using Asia D16015 stand fan you can be assured of the quality of the product:
Asia d16015 fan motor is good, quiet running, long running without heat, no noise to help users relax, use the product.
Motorized fans are equipped with 2 fuses automatically break when overloaded and overheat help limit the risk of fire to the lowest level, help consumers peace of mind.
Particularly safe for children: the Asia D16015 stand fan has a very solid fan guard, and the cage has two tightening rings, tight screws. So you can rest assured even if your family has children.
When you do not want to spend too much on your family's electrical power, instead of using air conditioning throughout the day, most consumers are turning to Asia D16015 fans. Replacing the air conditioner, the 45W fan creates a powerful airflow that meets the energy-saving standards that bring economic benefits to consumers.
Do not miss the Asia D16015 Stand Fan
Good product quality, durable operation
Sleek, harmonious color.
Provides many advantages for users: high wind speed. strong wind flow, wide wingspan ... ..
Safe, easy to use
Helps to save maximum power, bringing economic benefits to consumers.

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