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Asia - Stand fan - D16011
Asia D16011 stand fan is made of high quality plastic material, with solid fan base and wide base to keep the fans stable, not shake when operating. The footrest is very solid, with wheels that help you easily move to any space in the room. With its compact fan-shaped design, the centerpiece is the wind-regulator. Moreover, the products are made in the country so the cost is very affordable, the price will be suitable for every household.
Asia D16011 stand fan is beautifully designed
D16016 fan is designed to be optimal
Asia D16011 industrial stand is made from high quality materials and many advantages with large propeller design, flexible plastic blades with wingspan of 40cm, with three swing wings for wide airflow, cooling for air. space is large. Compact design fan can easily be removed for cleaning during use.
In the process of use, you can easily adjust the height of the fan cage by adjusting the height, the lower of the iron body of the stand Asia D16011. Therefore, the fan can be used for many bedrooms, living room depending on your needs. The upper side of the fan also has the ability to rotate the fan to rotate it to bring more air to the space in the family.
Industrial fan Asia D16011 has a slim design, luxury and modern design suitable for many spaces in your family. Fans have different colors depending on the preferences of the individual.
The body, fan cage and wing painted painted leaves are quite eye-catching, pleasant. Bright colors, natural, no less luxurious.
Standing fan Asia D16011 sure to ensure the safety of users
Stand Fan Asia D16011 easy height adjustment
Standing fan Asia D16011 adjustment knob g
Standing fan Asia D16011 12 month warranty
Asia D16011 stand fan safe and energy saving
ASIA D16011 stand fan has many advantages with high safety for users. Moderate weight, solid base makes the fan stable, hard to fall under the impact. The Asia D16011 industrial stand is also well designed, hard to bend, and the distance between the rails is very close to the reach of young children.
In addition, the Asia 16011 industrial stand is also equipped with automatic fire protection. Brass motorized fan is equipped with additional fuse to automatically stop fire in case of trouble, avoid accidents when using. You can use the fan for a long time continuously without fear of fire trouble, flickering in the room of the family.
In addition, many people think that continuous use will cause power outages in the home, but the truth is that the ASIA D16011 industrial stand alone fan is very durable and saves energy. Fans with low power consumption, low power consumption so frequent use will not affect much to your family's convenience bills.
For these uses, the Asia D16011 industrial stand fan deserves to be a close companion in life, contributing to a better quality of life for everyone. Please contact us immediately, order the product Asia 16010 stand fan for details and promotions apply to each type of product.

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