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Asia - Stand fan - D16009
Standing fan design Asia D16009
Standing fan Asia D16009 with the design of light gray body combined with delicate blue wings to create a feeling of bright, courteous to suit every space in your family. Beside that, the fan is designed with high shape, slim and eye catching, creating a spacious and airy space for your room.
Luxurious design with LCD display on the fan body displaying the operating parameters, fan base, fan body, fan made of polished stainless steel, anti-rust. In addition, the Asia D16009 stand is designed so that you can attach the wax, if you like, the extra flavor that you love will spread throughout the room every time the fan works.The fan is designed to easily change the height, which is suitable for use in different spaces from above or below. Depending on the environment, the space needed to cool you can adjust the fan to the height as you like.
Asia D16009 top brand stand fan
Outstanding features of Asia D16009 stand fan
The fan has a remarkable feature that is to cool the large cool space with a wingspan of 40cm and 4-way rotation (left, right, up and down), thus potentially making the cool space very wide by 15 - 20 meters Square, thanks to this feature you will no longer have to spend much money and space on multiple fans at the same time.
The ASIA D16009 has a high rotational speed of up to 900-1,200 RPM, which creates a strong wind that allows the room space to cool quickly creating a pleasant atmosphere without wasting time.
Fans are equipped with 3 speeds from light to strong winds giving you more choices depending on the weather and your preferences. Light winds will be used primarily at night when temperatures are lower.
Asia D16009 stands as the technology leader
Another outstanding feature of the Asia D16009 stand is that it is child safe and energy efficient.
Fan design with 120 nan knits, protection for the fan blade to prevent children to put their hands on the rotor and at the same time when the fan blade to break without danger to the user to ensure absolute safety for baby and family members.
Stand Fan Asia D16009 genuine guarantee
 The fan motor is protected by an explosion-proof fuse, which is safe in the event of a power failure. Automatic fuse system protects the motor from the risk of overloading power supplied to the fan will help consumers peace of mind when used, helping the fan durability over time.
The gadget that D16009 brings
The fan is equipped with remote control is very convenient to use, compact control, easy to use buttons to help you adjust the wind without having to travel a lot.
Asia D16009 remote control fan
The outstanding benefit of the D16009 stand fan is that it does not cause loud noise when in operation, which will help your family have a quiet space to rest when relaxing, studying and working.
Asia D16009 stand fan also has a useful timer mode. If you go out and forget to turn it off, it will be a waste of electricity, the night is often cold but you are afraid to turn off the fan, you can use the timer, then choose any appointment and the fan will automatically shut down. This utility brings a lot of effects and save electricity for the family, the state, just to help you have good sleep at night.
Asia D16009 stand-alone fan with luxurious design, attractive color will help to make your room cooler, more cool, cool area, save The room is especially safe for children. Suitable for many spaces such as: living room, kitchen, bedroom, dining room, ...

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