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Asia - Table fan - B12001
Asia - Table fan - B12001

Specification details Table fan Asia B12001

Product characteristics
Fan type: Table fan
Capacity: 40 W
Function: Cooling
Propeller diameter: 30 cm
Number of blades: 3 wings
Wind speed: 3 levels
Wind regime: Normal wind
Control panel: Rotate button
Motor Type: Silver Brass
Utilities: None
Water tank capacity: No water tank
Size: 40 cm - Height 60 cm - Depth 40 cm
Weight: 3 kg
Brand of: Vietnam
Made in Vietnam

  • Thông số kỹ thuật Quạt bàn Asia B12001

    Desk fan size small plastic high dust is dusty, easy to clean

    Quạt bàn Asia B12001

    3 large diameter 30 cm rotor generates wind spreading, fast cooling, cooling efficiency

    Quạt bàn Asia B12001

    The fan coil is tight, secure for close contact

    Quạt bàn Asia B12001


    Silver engine with 40 watts of quiet operation, high durability, saving power consumption

    Quạt bàn Asia B12001

    Three customizable wind speeds are available with the knobs on the fan stand

    Quạt bàn Asia B12001

    5-star standard product on energy saving

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