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Asia - Table fan - B12005

About Asia B12005 table fan
Asia B12005 table fan is designed in compact size, small and household electrical appliances are built with solid fan, you can place it in any space in the house. This desk fan will be the perfect choice for small space desks, beds, desks, etc., will not entangle the user. With this table fan, the lid and fan blade are easily removed to help you easily edit and clean it.

Equipped with 3-speed rotary control, using the Asia B12005 table fan will make it easy to operate the fan on and off, as well as adjust the airflow lightly or intensively according to your needs. With three rotor blades with a diameter of about 30cm and a cage-welded cage, this household appliance makes the winds smooth and light, giving a pleasant, comfortable feel to the user.

The Asia B12005 table fan, powered by 40W, will not consume much power when used. In addition, with a silvery-brass motor and smooth motor to help this household electrical appliances can be used for a long time. In addition, the fan base is designed with thick and knit form to help ensure absolute safety for users, especially families with young children.

Things to note when using the Asia B12005 table fan

Asia B12005 table fan with high capacity, powerful fan blowing wind, flexible custom so easy to meet everyone's needs. However, when using fans are often not interested in how to use so true This will affect your health, as well as reduce the life of the fan. And reduce the cooling effect of the fan.


Do not turn the fan on: When using the Asia B12005 fan you should not let the fan flush directly into the fan and do not rotate the fan for a long time. Although this way will make your body cooler but this condition lasts very harmful to health. In fact, in areas of the skin where the fan blows in continuously, sweat evaporates quickly, which in turn affects the internal organs as well as the excretion of sweat, which loses balance and triggers sweating. flu, headache, dizziness, ... B12005 with intelligent rotation function you should to rotate fan to reduce the temperature space around you will feel cooler

Do not use the fan for long periods of time: During hot weather, you usually turn on the fan continuously for 24 hours. This will reduce the life of the fan for continuous operation and no rest. If you want to use this household electrical appliance for a long time, then you should give the fan a rest period of about 30 minutes, whichever is best for a 5-hour fan operation.

Do not turn on the fan at the highest speed: When the ambient temperature is high, do not turn on the Asia B12005 at the highest speed as it will cause the temperature on the surface of your skin to drop, causing the bit Pore ​​causes sweat to escape to the outside, causing your body to feel hot, leading to fatigue.

Placing the fan in the wrong position: Misalignment of the fan will also reduce the efficiency of the fan. You should not place the head in the heat when it is hot, because it will blow the heat into the house as hotter. It's a good idea to put a fan on, which will reduce the temperature around you. It is best to place a cold water pot in front of it to blow the room cool on hot days or use a humidifier.
Also, when using the Asia B12005 regular table fan, you have to remember to periodically clean the fan, fan cage, spindle motor shaft ... this will help the equipment operate efficiently. With a dusty fan will not bring cool breeze and clean for your family, but quickly reduce the life of use of this household electrical appliances.

Why should customers buy the Asia B12005 table fan in the Faculty of Medicine

With a team of elite and enthusiastic staff, Nguyen Khoa always gives customers the most satisfaction with the products. The products purchased at the Faculty are always consulted in detail and enjoy the price preferences of the product. Professional warranty team is always ready to serve customers when the product is damaged ...

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