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Asia - Table fan - B12001

- Full as a mini fan, fan easy to move and suitable for use in many places and spaces such as living room, dining room, bedroom ... can be placed in the background, on the table or on the shelf ... or you can take it wherever you want. Suitable for moving away.
Asia B12001 table fan design is compact but no less sure
The design and features of the B12001 desk fan
The Asia B12001 table fan features a robust and durable motor with a power of 40W, powerful power for fast and powerful winds to blow away the hot air in summer days with a cool, comfortable feel. for users. In particular, the motor is equipped with two fuse safety fire protection for the user. Desk fans B12001 create peace of mind for users with a quality product that is safe for the family, especially families with children. At the same time increase the product durability.
The structure of the Asia B12001 table fan

Desk fan B12001 is equipped with 3 blades with wingspan of 30 cm, combined with 40 watts for fast rotation, evenly, feeling cool and comfortable for users on hot days. Table B12001 fans are suitable for spaces of about 8 m2 - 12 m2 such as bedrooms, classrooms or study rooms

Table B12001 fans have a solid, stable cage and fan design, which help keep the fan running smoothly, while limiting the risk of users coming in contact with the fan especially with children. With the design of multiple fans, the spread of the wind, cool and focused.
Features highlights fan desk Asia B12001
Desk fans B12001 with 3 wind speeds easily adjustable by knob on the fan base, help users choose the appropriate space and meet the needs of different users when needed light breeze appropriate. For young children, or strong winds when needing to cool quickly. The three-blade wing with a diameter of 30cm and rotational speed of up to 1200 rpm creates a continuous flow of air, very gentle and comfortable. During the use of the B12001 table fan, users can select one of three wind speeds, turn the fan on and off with just one easy button. In addition, the user can adjust the wind direction by using the switch on the engine box to select the standing or rotating fan. In addition, the B12001 40W table-top switch is designed in the front and the low-level knob allows you to easily adjust the height to suit your space and needs.
Adjust the wind speed of Asia B12001 table fan only with knob

Equipped with silver motor, B12001 table fan works smoothly, durably, cool evenly, diffused. The B12001 40W Table Fan is the ultimate in energy efficiency, which is something that many people are interested in, and you can comfortably use it in the midsummer days without worrying about excess electricity.

With the lightweight B12001 table fan design, it is easy to remove, it is very convenient to clean the fan cage, fan blade, meter, ... to ensure the engine running well, clean always nice like new. Saves time as well as cleaning time for you. Therefore, increase the durability and longevity of the product.

Asia B12001 40W table fan is a brand of table fan from Vietnam. The company's products in 14 consecutive years of high quality Vietnamese goods. Its products are always looking for prestige, which is highly appreciated by consumers. Table B12001 fans are rated as safe, quality, stable, quiet, no noise to help you sleep well and deep. Please contact us to order and know more about the purchase incentives

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