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Asia - Table fan - B08002

Desk fan B08002 from color to design is very meticulous, is one of the best selling products of 2016. B08002 is very popular. Especially with its small design and moderate wind speed, it is great for babies and toddlers. And you will feel this first time use

Advantages of Asia B08002 table fan:

Compact design: Asia B08002 table fan is designed with compact design, small body and fan structure is sure, so that users can place it in any space. Especially, this table fan will be the perfect choice for small space such as bed, desk, desk, ... do not entangle the user. With the wing and fan cover, you can easily remove it for easy repair and cleaning of this household appliance.

Multi-function: Two wind speeds, simple control of table fan Asia B08002 equipped with rotary control with 2 simple wind speed to perform fan on and off as well as adjust the light or strong winds. demand.
Propeller: B08002 has 3 blades with a diameter of 25cm, and a wavy fan that is wavy to help keep the air flowing evenly and smoothly, which is very suitable for children. Children's temperature is lower than adults, so the feeling is different. If the fan is too strong, the wind may cause children to feel cold and may be sick.
Power saving and high durability: B08002 operates lightly and does not consume power like other electric fans. In addition, the silvery brass motor with smooth motors table Asia B08002 can be used for a long time.
Power Harness: Behind the fan is a smart fan that can be used to adjust the rotation or standby mode of the fan, so it is often necessary to fan the fan to avoid the wind blowing directly to the child.
Safe to use: The Asia B08002 panel fan is made to avoid direct contact when the fan is running so it is safe. But it can not be completely safe with young children and pets, so when no adult supervision, turn off the fan

Notes on using the Asia B08002 table fan
Asia B08002 table fans are not designed in the same way as other fans, so use it to increase the durability of the fan and optimize the cooling efficiency of the fan is essential. And especially when used with children is the most interested parents
Should be placed in a flat position: You should place the Asia B08002 table fan in a flat position such as a floor, table. Do not place the fan in the sloping, uneven or unstable areas. If it is placed in a tilt position during operation, it will cause fan failure and undue failure.

Choose the wind level that suits your needs: Asia B08002 table fan has two levels of wind, so when using with children should be small wind. It is advisable to use the fan function to ventilate the surroundings so that the ambient temperature will cool down.
Do not put water inside the fan: Asia B08002 table fans are not designed for use near water, such as bathtubs, bathrooms. Avoid running water on the fan will damage, rusting the components inside. Bad cases can result in short circuits or fan blown.

Turn off the fan when cleaning: The mains plug must be unplugged when cleaning. Absolutely do not use water to wash the fan, should be wiped with a wet towel, and then wipe with a dry towel. Clean the fan work routine because the fan's working button is difficult to handle every time you clog the dust. If you do not clean frequently, dust will clog to the fan switch. Regular cleaning of the fan switch should be done to increase the durability of the fan
On the market today a lot of counterfeit goods, imitation goods, the following quality goods are noteworthy when buying a fan:


Check the fan before buying to see if it works well
Watch the stamp on the fan, see if there is a true Asia brand
Find out where to buy before you buy

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