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Asia - Table fan - B18001

The Asia Vina B18001 table fan not only features a modern design, which saves valuable space, but is also capable of turning up to 1200 rpm, providing a great flow of wind, giving your family the wind. cool in hot days. Asiavina B18001 fan with 45cm wide blades with rotating shields in multiple directions, allowing the wind to disperse throughout the room, giving utmost convenience to the user. It is also safe to use the motor is equipped with an explosion-proof fuse automatically disconnect power when unexpected incident.
Delicate design, elegant color
Asia B18001 table fan has modern style, elegant color, not only cooling but also decoration for room.
Design of 45-cm wide fan blades
The fan is equipped with 5 blades with a diameter of 45 cm, wind flow can reach 93.2m3 / h, rotation speed 1200 rpm, which effectively cooled the room.
Handy when you need to move
Table fans have a handle on the back of the fan cage for the user to move the fan to the required position.
Sturdy, economical brass engine
Asia B18001 table fan has a silicone motor that is durable and quiet, does not make noise and vibration. The fan has a capacity of 75 W, both cooling efficiency and saving power consumption.
Adjustable fan height
Users only need to rotate the adjusting knob and pull the low adjustment shaft to change the height of the table fan Asia B18001 depending on the needs.
Adjust the wind speed accordingly
The button control panel is located on the fan body, easy to choose the appropriate wind speed.
Adjust the rotation of the fan easily
Just press a button or pull the switch on the engine box to adjust the fan or stand still.
Fan fan, easy to remove
The Asia B18001 table fan has a well-knit fan, ensuring the safety of the user, especially children. Fan can be removed for cleaning when needed.

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