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Asia - Mezzanine fan - A16019
Asia - Mezzanine fan - A16019

Color: Blue
Manufacturer: Asia
Electric fan type: blower
Capacity: 45 W
Propeller diameter: 40 cm
Number of blades: 3 wings
Wind Speed: 3

3 wind speed
The Asia A16019 blue fly fan has 3 wings and 3 wind modes for you to customize the appropriate cooling level.
Quạt lửng Asia A16019 màu xanh lam có 3 .cánh cùng 3 chế độ gió
an diameter 40cm
The 40cm diameter fan creates a strong airflow with high air flow and quiet operation, giving a cool and pleasant atmosphere.
The design is sure
The Asia A16019 blue fan is designed in an elegant and solid style. The fan has a large radius so it is very stable and firm, without vibration when operating.Cánh quạt có đường kính 40cm tạo được luồng gió mạnh mẽ


Quạt lửng Asia A16019 màu xanh lam được thiết kế kiểu dáng sang trọng
Quạt Asia được trang bị chức năng tự động ngắt khi quá tải

Safe with fire-proof fuse
Asia fans are equipped with a fuse that fires and saves electricity efficiently, providing convenience and safety for the user.

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