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Asia -    Stand fan  D16013
Asia -    Stand fan  D16013


Powerful, 1200 rpm
Standing Asia D16013 Gray with a power of 55W, maximum rotation speed up to 1200 rpm to create a fast and strong winds make your room cool faster.

Quạt đứng Asia D16013 công suất 55W

Standing fan Asia D16013 power 55W

Convenient timer function
The Asia D16013 is equipped with a built-in timer for the user. Time off timer fan up to 9 hours, help you choose the appropriate time frame for yourself.

Chức năng hẹn giờ tiện lơi của quạt đứng Asia D16013

Timeless function of Asia D16013 stand fan

There is a remote control
Asia D16013 stand-alone fan with signal light makes it easy to use the remote control to customize: wind mode, timer off and wind direction.

Quạt đứng Asia D16013 có remote điều chỉnh tiện lợi

Asia D16013 stand fan with convenient adjustment

The motor has a fuse for fire protection
Asia D16013 vertical fan incorporates a fire-rated fuse into the motor. The fan will automatically turn off when the problem is very safe for the user.

Cảm giác an toàn và thoải mái khi sử dụng quạt đứng Asia D16013

Feeling safe and comfortable when using the Asia D16013 stand fan

The reason for buying the product
Asia D16013 stand fan with 3 speeds from low to high and convenient remote control, easy to use

The stand is very sturdy and easy to move

The engine is smooth and durable


Electric fan feature
Electric fans: Stand fan
Capacity: 55 W
Propeller diameter: 40 cm
Number of blades: 3 wings
Propeller material: Plastic
Wind Speed: 3
Timer function: Yes
Remote control: Yes
Box Size & Weight
Size bins:
970x220x470 mm
Bunk weight (kg):
7 kg

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