Multi purpose shears 41374-000-0
Multi purpose shears 41374-000-0

Details Pull Kitchen Zwilling Twin L 41374-000-0
- Stainless steel blades specially formulated
- Handle is sturdy, convenient to operate
- kitchen utensils

Sturdy stainless steel material, durable
Pull the Zwilling Twin L 41374-000-0 with a blade made of durable stainless steel in Zwilling is special formula. The rugged, sharp, anti-corrosive and odorless, food stain-resistant, easy to clean. At the same time, high-grade materials do not contain harmful chemicals that affect the food, ensure the health of the user.

Design safe, convenient to use
The handle is large, plastic coated, ensuring no pain in the hand as well as facilitate the manipulation and use. This handle is made of PP material so it is lightweight but still provides durability and slip resistance. In addition, the scissors can be safely sanitized by the dishwasher, giving added convenience.

A useful household item
Zwilling Twin L Kitchen Scissors meet the rigorous requirements of professional chefs with a sharp, precise blade. The product is manufactured from Germany, ensuring optimum use. With modern design, convenient, this is an indispensable item in your kitchen.

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