Scooter AnneLowSon ALS-K01
Scooter AnneLowSon ALS-K01

- Very solid design according to international standards
- Help users to act and develop comprehensively
- Long-lasting color fading
- There are many variety of colors for your baby to choose

Scooter lines are the best-selling line today and also supply and demand, so scooters are constantly improving to create safe products for children to play without worry.

The design of the new and improved scooter has an additional 2 wheels on the front and 1 rear wheel, making the scooter 's robustness and absolute safety for the baby.

- Part of foot board made of hard plastic with high durability and strength
- The frame is made of stainless steel very solid that can be adjusted to the height of the baby,
- Handles made from flexible plastic feel comfortable, not afraid to slip when sweating hands.
- Solid rubber castings are long wearing, carbon and smooth

This product has created a breakthrough that makes parents feel more secure, when they trust in the right place to keep them safe when playing.
Wish parents choose the best product for their darling!

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