VINABOX - Flying Mouse ITV KM900 - Mouse + Key + Learning Infrared Command
VINABOX - Flying Mouse ITV KM900 - Mouse + Key + Learning Infrared Command

Mouse control flight ITV KM900 with smart two, deserve the best mouse control fly Android Box today.

The back of the ITV KM900 QWERTY keyboard, with significant improvements added are the TAB, ESC, Ctrl, keys. While the KM800 does not have a TAB key, it is quite difficult to get down the line using the mouse fly function.


Particularly prominent of the mouse flying ITV KM900 is the ability to learn command 44 infrared key, to learn command from the control of other device control.
ITV KM900 can learn command to control TV, disc, other HD ...

In addition to learning command, ITV KM900 also has the ability to copy control commands from other control.

The ITV KM900 uses two AA batteries

Multifunction Remote Controller
Air-Mouse+IR Remote+Keyboard+IR Learning
Non-directional remote controll;
Anti-shake algorithm Air-mouse;
support Motion Sense Games;

Standard Keyboard layout;
IR remote;
IR Learning function;
IR Copy function;

Technology Spec:
2.4G RF wireeless radio frequency techniquie;
Sensors: 6-Axis(Gyroscope +Accelerometer);
Operating range: >10m
Battery: 2*AAA batteries
Rated Current: 15mA
Standby Current: <20μA
Rated Voltage: 3.0V
Key numbers: 87 keys
Material: ABS+Silicone

Windows,Android,Mac OS,Linux;
Devices:PC, Smart TV, Set-top-box, Android TV Box,Mac,Mini PC


weight:133g(with box)

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