Vinabox - remote control + keyboard KM950V NO VOICE

The front and back of the mouse ITV KM950, the front of the mouse function film, different from the mouse fly ITV KM900 KM950 has removed the numeric keypad on the front, the back of the Km950 is designed the same. KM900 with additional keys for important keyboard operations such as TAB, ESC, SHIFT ... etc

Sophisticated design, at the very top of the keyboard, the KM950 features a Li-icon rechargeable battery, more than 10 meters away, and a built-in 6-Asis sensor for more accurate movie manipulation.



The KM950 and KM950V have two control modes:

Infrared is indicated in red, Wireless mode is indicated by green, as shown below.

To use the mouse and keyboard, you need to switch the mouse to Wireless, as follows:

Simultaneously press the OK + MENU key, hold the 3 sec. Key to switch between the two modes.

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