Skateboard Cougar MH3180 - Blue
Skateboard Cougar MH3180 - Blue

- Children skateboard size: length x width x height = 60 x 15 x 10 cm.
- The surface of the board is covered with a rough surface that increases the friction of the soles of the feet or shoe soles when sliding. In addition, this boring surface is extremely effective against and absorbent.
- Cougar MH3180 skateboard face Blue is pressed to 7 layers of weathered wood, so the board has high elasticity. Adaptable to exercises from falling height.
- The wheels are made of PU plastic combined with 608Z bearings to help the wheels run and have good road surface and abrasion resistance.
- Wheel frame is made of aluminum alloy, should bear the force up to 100kg. Fully meet the exercises such as: turn right, turn left,
- Product of Cougar MH3180 Blue sandpaper is very suitable for children under 15 years old.

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