Skateboard Cougar MH3108-VD
Skateboard Cougar MH3108-VD

- The top surface has a rough layer to help grip better. The bottom has many images for you to freely choose to express your personality

- With 9 layers of high-grade pressed wood, high heat-resistant and water-resistant properties help protect skis in all terrain, all weather, ensuring safety for players.

- Skid design with curvature and elasticity of the board is extremely flexible, making it easier for players to control the direction and obstacles.

- The wheel is made of super durable PU plastic, extremely impact resistant. Wheel size: 52x32mm

- 7 carbon ABEC bearings, shaft made of super-strength steel, withstand payloads up to 60kg

Included gifts include a high-class genuine Cogar cable bag and a skateboard removal tool:

Trademark Cougar is a popular brand of roller skates on the market today. The product has a light and strong alumi alloy frame, especially the legs and ankles are always designed to be extremely safe but not rigid to ensure maximum comfort and convenience for users, so it is The Cougar brand is very popular and widely used.

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