Tension  - Tab 150 inch - Superior, moisture, 16: 9
Tension  - Tab 150 inch - Superior, moisture, 16: 9

Tab Tension 150inch with high smoothness, anti-glare, for sharp image quality, honest impression, the ratio of 16: 9

Tab Tension, the best choice for home theater projector with wide screen, 16: 9 frame gives you confidence with home cinema.

Tab Tension is designed around the black border and the top black border is large from 30-50cm so avoid the dispersion of light, increase the maximum collective focus for the viewer, bring the middle image realism and sharpness for HD, Full HD and 3D movies.

The sides of the curtain are stretched flat with curtain strands, creating a mirror-like plane. The ergonomically designed Elip case is easy to install in any terrain, it can slide the screen and adjust the lifting position easily, allowing the screen to be flat without crossing the fabric.

Fiberglass White comes with a high quality material, thus ensuring the "depth" of 3D, HD and Full HD movies, and one important thing is to increase the sharpness of the image. Images will ensure a longer lamp life.

Tab-tension projection: Watch HD movies, Full HD, 3D, which increases the contrast of the image 2-3 times than when projector projection to other types of screen.


Features of the Tab-Tension screen:

- Tab-Tension screen is designed with flat tension fabric.
 - Remote control with RF signal, RoHS compliant design.
 - Motor type turbo shaft design, low noise, high durability.
 - The box is designed in solid titanium, made of aluminum with a thickness of 3mm.
 - PS HD (Gray Fabric & White Fabric) high grade, white opaque.
 - Aluminum frame of extruded screen according to extruded standards with compression up to 5000kg.
 - Black surrounds are large, avoiding scattering of light.
 - Easy installation with 2 fixed slides on the wall.
 - Easy to move from left to right or vice versa, easy to change screen position.
 - 2.0 gain increases the projectors contrast to the maximum.
 - 3D-HD-Full HD images from the Tab-Tension screen has a high "depth", detail and sharp.
 - Warranty 12 months

Tab-tension 150 inch screen:

- Motor type turbo shaft, low noise, high durability
- The box is made of aluminum tape with a thickness of 3mm
- Material of high-grade soft PVC, white opaque
- Diagonal: 150 inches
- Ratio: 16: 9
- Projection area: 3m32 x 1m87
- Gain: 1.3 helps to increase the contrast of the projector to the maximum
- Color: gray - white
- Viewing angle +/- 55 degrees
- Box type: Alloy aluminum
- Accessories: Mounting kit, installation accessories, instruction manual
- From China
- Warranty 12 months

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