Supor - Stainless Steel Pot -  S08A20
Supor - Stainless Steel Pot -  S08A20

Supor Fruits 20cm 2.7L S08A20 is an indispensable kitchenware in the cooking process that shows the talent and interest of the housewife. With a 20cm pot you can use to fry a few dishes, cook soup, or vermicelli are very simple. The product has non-stick coating meets the safety standards of SEB Group, making housework easier than ever.Nồi Canh Chống Dính Sắc Màu Supor Fruits 20cm 2.7L S08A20

Salient features

Material: International aluminum alloy 3003 heat transfer, heat conduction.

The inside uses a safety sealant according to the standards of the French SEB Group.

Sand spraying technique to increase the adhesion of the anti-stick coating on the surface of the pan, not easy to peel.

Outside the electrostatic coating, easy to clean.

Stylish design, creative colors.


Pot size: 20 cm


Feature description

2.7 liter capacity

The pot is designed with capacity up to 2.7 liters so you can cook water foods such as hot pot, soup, soup with large volume easily.

Made from high quality material

The product is made from international aluminum alloy 3003 for high durability, anti-wear to bring high service life. Therefore, the housewife can peace of mind using the pot without worrying about the damage caused by fire or heat, food ...

Adhesive safety

Inside of the safe use of anti-stick standards of the French SEB Group, although not greasy, but directly cooking food does not react. You will rest assured food processing without sticking to the internal surface, easy cleaning, save time, limit the amount of oil and grease when processing food.

Exterior made of powder coating

Outside the pan is coated static electricity support pan avoids the maximum impact of the environment of the external force to bring you product firm, durable during use.

Besides, the powder coating also creates a high aesthetic for the product, attracting the love of many users.

A versatile pot

Now you can boil water, cook soup, steam or make food using this product. With a compact, easy-to-navigate, high quality design, this product is the perfect choice for those who love to cook.

Bright colors

The product is not only a versatile cookware but also an item that enhances the beauty of your kitchen. With beautiful design, vibrant colors, this will be a suitable gift for those who love the beautiful space.

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