Supor - Stainless Steel Pot - S30A22
Supor - Stainless Steel Pot - S30A22

Manufactured using the most advanced European technology, the Supor 22cm S30A22 soft oxidizer cooks best for your family's cooking needs. The product is made of high quality aluminum Alloy 3003, using soft oxidation technology in international advanced technology, forming 3 solid layers around the pot, making the pot is high strength, cooked real Fast food and food contact directly with aluminum should ensure the health of the user.

Kết quả hình ảnh cho Supor - Nồi thép không gỉ  - S30A22

In addition to that, the pot uses a toughened glass lid, which is resistant to impact, making it easy for consumers to see the food inside while cooking, avoiding the burning of foodstuffs ... Handles and knobs heat-sensitive, easy to handle, move without worrying about burns.

Supor 22cm S30A22 soft oxidizer is a practical product for every modern kitchen!

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