Supor - Pot Pressure Cooker - CYSB50YC520QVN-100
Supor - Pot Pressure Cooker - CYSB50YC520QVN-100

Information: Electronic pressure cooker Supor CYSB50YC520QVN-100
Modern design
SUPOR CYSB50YC520QVN electronic pressure cooker is designed with modern design and advanced cooking functions to meet your cooking needs. Elegant color, eye catching highlights your kitchen space.

Function "taste"
Make the food taste and taste better. Variable pressure control, suitable pressure levels for a variety of foods

Màn hình hiển thị 5 giai đoạn nấu
Dễ dàng theo dõi quá trình nấu. Chỉ thị mở nắp khi áp suất bằng 0, mở nắp an toàn và tiện lợi. Chức năng hẹn giờ trong 24 tiếng, sử dụng tiện lợi

"Pot" pot is 2mm thick
2mm thick pot with copper coating to create a circular boiling cycle, cooked soup and delicious rice. Intelligent heat control system, adjust the level of fire accuracy, help delicious dishes as well.


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