STANLEY - Screwdriver Flat  5mm x 150mm 65-228


Stanley 65-228 is a genuine product from Stanley, produced by modern technology of the United States always ensure quality and reasonable price. Stanley products are always trusted and used by the outstanding features, durability

The Stanley 65-228 5x150mm flat die is made from a sturdy, stainless steel alloy. Corrosion resistant material, good strength, for long-term use

Products used to screw, tower, screws, bolts, screws, ... Suitable for family, repair shops, mechanical

The Stanley 65-228 is compactly designed for easy carrying or storage in toolboxes, eye-catching colors.

The handle is rubber coated thick, smooth and anti-slip effect. Screws are designed to be magnetized with a screw-in action, so that the screws are snug and can be released without fear of falling out like a normal screw. Increased flexibility of the product

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