Stanley- Hacksaw Steel Frame-  450MM 15-166



Steel Chains 12 "Stanley 15-166 is a genuine product Stanley, is produced with modern technology of the United States, ensuring the safety, durability and quality of international standards.In addition, the price of the product relatively cheap Stanley has helped Stanley products become a great choice for all consumers.

Stanley 15-166 iron hinges are manufactured with high technology, nickel-plated stainless steel chisel and non-tarnish resistant after long periods of use. With a meticulous finish from Stanley, the saw blades ensure sharpness and no jagged edges, as well as anti-rust, saw blades that can work in the environment. wet with long time.


With a compact design, the Stanley 15-166 iron saw can carry with you while traveling at work, while storing the product is not difficult because the product design is neat and does not occupy the area. Stanley 15-166 iron hinges are used in the construction industry and in the household ... The product is highly application according to user needs.

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