Stanley - Hacksaw Steel Frame- 300mm 15-408



Stanley 15-408 is a genuine Stanley product that is manufactured using state-of-the-art American technology. The Stanley 15-408 300mm sawmill achieves high quality, durability and many safety features. Support for many consumers in the world.


Stanley 15-408 is designed from high quality nickel, for rust and oxidation resistance when working in wet environments, while increasing the durability of the product, resist the impact of foreign. force, do not cause product warping. The saw blade is refined from carbon steel, with moderate thickness, the toothed blade is meticulously polished for absolute sharpness, with slip resistance to ensure precise cutting, no damage to the material. ,


With a moderately sized design, the handlebar is made of plastic, has dense corrugated supports for friction and improves adhesion and slip resistance when sweaty or oiled. In addition, with the ability to lock the saw blades conveniently, the Stanley 15-408 sawmill remains safe when not in use. Dedicated products in the carpentry, construction and household sectors. With versatility in many industries, the Stanley Hand Tools range is the perfect choice for everyone.

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