Stanley - Snip Right Hand Cut -10in 14-564


 Stanley 14-564 is a genuine product that Stanley supplies to the market, manufactured under modern American technology, ensuring high quality, durability and absolute safety features of the product. Low prices make Stanley the best choice for every consumer in the world


The stanley 14-564 is designed from high-grade metal compounds, for high durability, anti-warping and shock resistance during use. With a compact design, the Stanley 14-564 can be easily removed from work and stored in a tool bag without occupying an area.


 stanley 14-564 is coated with an antioxidant layer, which is resistant to rust when working long term in wet environment. The handle design is soft rubber cushion, minimizing painful hand fatigue when using cutting force during long working time. In addition, anti-slip, help users work non-slip non-slip when sweating hands.

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