Stanley -  CrankShaft- 13 x150mm, 1/2 x 6


Stanley 16-287S is a genuine Stanley product that is manufactured using state-of-the-art American technology that guarantees absolute durability and high quality. Stanley's hand tools are always a good choice. most for consumers.


The stanley 16-287S is designed from high quality steel, with high durability, excellent for precision chiselling, no break, abrasive as other common types. The exterior is coated with antioxidant paint, which is resistant to rust when working in wet conditions.


The product is made of steel, cast solid monolithic, for strong hand feeling, to create durability when used. With its compact design, the 16-287S stanley chisel is a convenient product that can be carried in the work area, not occupying space when stored in a tool bag. Products specialized for chiselling and hewing metallic materials, aluminum; co ... Helps the user to finish work quickly and conveniently.

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