Stanley - 18MM Paper - Driven Blades 10-151


Knife Paper 10-151 with the advantages of compact design, light weight, the body is designed from high-grade plastic, along with small grooves to increase grip, anti-slip when used.

Made of strong, durable alloy steel, able to withstand high impact forces

The 18mm Stanley 10-151 is also equipped with anti-rust and oxidation properties when exposed to humid working conditions, ensuring longer shelf life and longer shelf life. ordinary knife

Specially located in the blade design, with the meticulous machining provides extremely high sharpness for each cut sweet, neat, no damage to the paper.

The blades are designed with high friction to ensure that the blades do not wear out when the blades are turned and the blades are cut. The blade is placed in the handle to ensure safe use and storage

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